Remak® Automatic Door Bottom ADB-B02

Remak® Automatic Door Bottom ADB-B02

Remak® Automatic Door Bottom B02 uses a flat spring mechanism that is activated when the door is closed. This door botttom seals the gap between the door and the floor, enhances sound insulation, prevents smoke, dust and insects. Remak® Automatic Door Bottom should be used with Remak® Soundprood Jamb Seals and Remak® Acoustic Threshold for effective noise control.

  • Gasket:Silicone Rubber
  • Frame:Aluminum Alloy
  • Cover strap:Black PVC plastic

Remak® Automatic Door Bottom uses a flat spring mechanism. When the door is closed, the spring is activated and the rubber gasket will be pressed tightly to the door or sill, blocking sound travelling the door slots.

The door bottom is on the inside of the door, bringing high aesthetics for the door system. As the door is closed, the plunger is compressed against the door frame, activating a concealed compressed spring mechanism. Next, the bottom of the door automatically compresses the rubber gasket to the floor, creating a tight seal that prevents penetration by sound, smoke, dust or insects. This rubber gasket will automatically raised when the door is opened to avoid scratching the floor as well as making the door easier to open or close.

Our door bottoms are designed to fit any door up to 1.2m in length. These jamb seals can be easily installed on any door system, wooden doors to steel doors. We provide 2 models of external Heavy Duty Automatic Door Bottom and 1 model installed on the inside of the door. The soundproof door bottoms mounted on the door can be easily installed without removing the door the hinges. While the door bottom on the inside of the door will require removing the door and mortise before installation. 

Remak® Heavy Duty Automatic Door Bottom has an anodized surface with anti-rust and anti-oxidation properties. The door bottom is often used together with Soundprood Jamb Seals and Remak® soundproof sills as an complete solution for soundproof door system.


Sound transmission coefficient

The STC coefficient is measured on the standard Remak® Soundproof door, including:

- 45mm thick soundproof door

- Remak® Soundproof Jamb Seals AJS-S15

- Remak® Heavy Duty Door Bottom ADB-B02.

- Remak® Acoustic Door Lock ADL8602-Y30X




- Length: 960mm to 1210mm

- Thickness: 14mm

- Height: 34mm

- Maximum gap door bottom: 15mm



Installation instruction

- Select the type of automatic soundproof door bottom with the appropriate dimension, and cut it to the size needed short as the door. Note that the cutting position must be on the lock side only. The cutting position is at least 25mm the set screw.

- Check the brass nut and ensure that it must be on the hinge side.

- Check the height of the door bottom to make sure that the height between the door bottom unit and the floor is not more than 15mm, and then screw to fix the door bottom to the door.