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Acoustic Jungle Wall

Acoustic Jungle Wall

Remak® JungleWall is a series of sound absorbing leaves in different patterns. The leaves are made of Acoustic Sonic and mounted in a way that creates a suitable distance to the wall which is a ideal condition for sound absorption. JungleWall is advantageously installed in a workplace or public environment as a background wall.

  • Sound absorbing leaves:Acoustic Sonic
  • Hook:Solid timber

Acoustic Jungle Wall leaves are easily hung on the wall by drilling and screwing with the hook. You can optionally choose the color and arrange the position of these leaves according to your hobby.

Sound absorption coefficient

The open material structure reduces sound reflections and makes Remak® Acoustic Jungle Wall becomes a superior sound absorbing material. A material that both reduces noise and brings a quiet environment for buildings, offices, factories and publics while providing a unique and creative beauty.