Fineline Slats Open

Fineline Slats Open

Remak® Acoustics helps architects and designers create spectacular spaces with excellent sound performance. With over 10 years of experience in providing acoustic solutions and acoustic interior wood products, Remak will work with you to create an impressive personal style. Whether working on the most complex of structures, or the finest of details, we guarantee exceptional quality and progress, every time.

Especially, with Remak® Wooden Acoustic Fineline Slats, we have developed a leading modular system which permits flexible design options, easy installation and a seamless finish; a creative contemporary solution to a range of aesthetic and acoustic challenges.

  • Wood core:Natural wood | MDF | HDF | MFC
  • Finish:PU paint/ Veneer | Melamine | Laminate

Fineline Slats for acoustic Ceiling and Wall

Made natural wood that has been impregnated and treated industrially to prevent warping, Fineline bars in natural wood textures easily match a variety of architectural styles traditional to modern. Our sound engineers design and calculate carefully to find the right sized slats that can absorb sound up to Grade A at the frequency range of 1000Hz.

The design variations of Fineline Slats are varied, customizable to create different slices and blocks, and therefore each building is a creative and non-repetitive work of art. Fineline Slats are used for acoustics, aesthetics or both.

Lighting and technical systems are easy to integrate and install with Fineline Slats, because our structural design is simple and easy to assemble, which reduces costs and installation time.

Fineline Slats Open FO8015

NRC 0.60 - 0.70 

Slats width 80mm  | Slat thickness: 15mm

Interval 67mm


Fineline Slats Open FO8018

NRC 0.65  - 0.75

Slats width 80mm  | Slat thickness: 18mm

Interval 75mm


Fineline Slats Open FO10025

NRC 0.75  - 0.80

Slats width 100mm  | Slat thickness: 25mm

Interval 86mm




Step 1: Locate and mark the screw drilling positions

Step 2: Drill holes on the wall and tap the expansion bolts into the hole, then hang the Remak® Ceiling vibration absorber G50T.​​​​​

Step 3: Connect and drop tyzen to the design height, install the U steel skeleton.​​​​​​

Step 4: Installing the Remak® Fineline Slats Open on the skeleton with a steel hanger.​​​​​​


Step 1: Locate and mark the position of installing the wooden skeleton

Step 2: Use a concrete nail gun to attach the wooden skeleton to the wall.

Step 3: Stick the Remak® Acoustic Sonic to the backside of the panel

Step 4: Attach the Remak® Fineline Slats Horizontal on the wooden battens with a screw or bolt.


3D Model