Soundproofing System


Commercial And Industrial Buildings

  • Recreational And Commercial Building
  • Industrial Factory
  • Office
  • Restaurant, Bar, Cafe

Civil buildings

  • Residential
  • Hospital
  • School, library
  • Hotel & Resort

Public Building

  • Cinema
  • Train Sation, Airport
  • Sports Stadium
  • Hall, Theater







Soundproofing materials

Model: Remak® SoundOFF Barrier
Remak® SoundOFF Barrier

Model: Remak® Ultralight XPS Panel
Remak® Ultralight XPS Panel

Model: Remak® SoundOFF Damping Mat
Remak® SoundOFF Damping Mat

Model: Remak® Damper Sound Insulation
Remak® Damper Sound Insulation

Model: Remak® Rockwool Acoustigard
Remak® Rockwool Acoustigard

Soundproofing Accessories

Model: Remak® Isosound SSBU60
Remak® Isosound SSBU60

Model: Remak® Wall vibration absorber G50Q
Remak® Wall vibration absorber G50Q

Model: Remak® Floor vibration absorber
Remak® Floor vibration absorber

Model: Remak® Ceiling vibration absorber G50T
Remak® Ceiling vibration absorber G50T

Model: Remak® Door Seals RDS150
Remak® Door Seals RDS150

Model: Remak® Automatic Door Bottom
Remak® Automatic Door Bottom

Silence Booth

Model: Remak® Silence Booths S1010
Remak® Silence Booths S1010

Model: Silence Booth L2215
Silence Booth L2215

Model: Silence Booth XL2122
Silence Booth XL2122

Model: Silence Booth M1215
Silence Booth M1215

Model: Remak® CutePod
Remak® CutePod

Model: Remak® EasyPod L1424
Remak® EasyPod L1424