Sound-Absorbing Material


Commercial And Industrial Buildings

  • Recreational And Commercial Building
  • Industrial Factory
  • Office
  • Restaurant, Bar, Cafe

Civil buildings

  • Residential
  • Hospital
  • School, library
  • Hotel & Resort

Public Building

  • Cinema
  • Train Sation, Airport
  • Sports Stadium
  • Hall, Theater







Sound-Absorbing Foam

Model: Remak® Studiofoam Pyramids
Remak® Studiofoam Pyramids

Model: Remak® Studiofoam Triangles
Remak® Studiofoam Triangles

Model: Remak® Studiofoam Mushroom
Remak® Studiofoam Mushroom

Model: Remak® Studiofoam EggNest
Remak® Studiofoam EggNest

Model: Remak® Studiofoam Linear
Remak® Studiofoam Linear

Model: Remak® Studiofoam Bass Trap
Remak® Studiofoam Bass Trap

Acoustic Sonic

Model: Remak® Acoustic Sonic
Remak® Acoustic Sonic

Model: Engrave Wall
Engrave Wall

Model: Acoustic Wall Art
Acoustic Wall Art

Model: Acoustic Pinboard
Acoustic Pinboard

Model: Acoustic Jungle Wall
Acoustic Jungle Wall

Model: Limbus Wall
Limbus Wall


Model: Remak® Acoustic Woodwool Design
Remak® Acoustic Woodwool Design

Model: woodwool

Model: WoodWool Tiles
WoodWool Tiles

Model: WoodWool Arts
WoodWool Arts

Sound-Absorbing Wood

Model: Remak® Wooden Acoustic Slotted
Remak® Wooden Acoustic Slotted

Model: Remak® Perforated
Remak® Perforated

Model: Remak® Linear
Remak® Linear

Model: Fineline Slats Acoustic
Fineline Slats Acoustic

Model: Fineline Slats Open
Fineline Slats Open

Model: Fineline Slats Horizontal
Fineline Slats Horizontal